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What weather is needed for a hot air ballon flight?
There needs to be no frontal activity or rain in the area. The winds need to be under 10 miles per hour.

What time are flights scheduled?
Flights are scheduled at sunrise and just before sunset because that is when the winds are the calmest.

What time do we meet?
Morning flights meet a half an hour before sunrise and evening flights meet three hours before sunset.

How long will the flight last?
Flights are 45 minutes to an hour.

What's the temperature in the balloon?
The temperature does not change much from the ground to our top altitude. You lose three degrees every 1,000 feet. So if it is 75 degrees on the ground at 1,000 feet it will be 72 degrees.

What does it feel like?
Flying in a balloon is like nothing else you will ever experience! You're part of the wind gliding along above the treetops. A ride in a balloon is a very smooth, peaceful, enjoyable experience.

What altitude will be reached?
We will fly anywhere from tree-top level to several thousand feet.

What is the balloon made of?
Hot-air balloons are made of a polyester or nylon material.

What kind of fuel is used?
Propane is the fuel used for flying hot-air balloons. Therefore, due to the flamable nature of propane, smoking is never allowed during your ballooning experience.

What do I need to bring?
Bring your cameras, comfortable clothing, and a great attitude and we will have a lot of fun!

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Myron Preacher Memorial Launch Site
Just West of Brookfield

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