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Photography Tips

Move in Close:
Create simpler, bolder pictures that are not cluttered with unwanted detail. Close-ups provide variety and add interest to pictures. Take the overall view, then a tight view, then some close-ups of the details.

Subject Placement in the Frame:
Off-center placement of your subject creates a dynamic balance.

Watch the Background:
Look for simple backgrounds to minimize distraction from the subject. Explore the variety of viewpoints available for your subject. A low angle, looking into the blue sky can produce a simple and pleasant background. Try a low angle when posing friends near a balloon.

Front Lighting:
When the sun shines over your shoulder you'll capture the brightest and most saturated colors.

Side Lighting:
When the light shines across the scene, the mix of light and shadow creates a realistic, 3D looking photograph with an excellent feeling for depth and texture.

The magic hour of twilight:
Dawn or dusk create beautiful lighting opportunities where the warmth of "Balloon Glow" blends with velvet blue of muted skylight. Photographers call this "the jewel box effect". Twilight and night are low levels of light which require high speed films, like Kodacolor Royal Gold 1000 to Twilight and night are low levels of light which require high speed films, such as 800 or 1000 speeds.

Lens Choice:
Normal (50 mm) or wide angle (24, 28 or 35mm) allows moving close to the balloons to avoid people. Telephoto, or telephoto zoom (70-210mm) for details out of reach.

Keep Your Camera Steady!
Gently squeeze the shutter release for sharper photos.

Keep Shutter Speeds Fast!
Faster shutter speeds, such as a 1/250 of a second generally provide sharper pictures when using telephoto lenses and hand-holding your camera.

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