Brookfield - A Great Place to Land


Green Hills Ballooning Board

President - Richard Techau
Vice President - Dee White
Secretary - Paula McCollum
Treasurer - Sherry Techau
Board Member - Marsha Hoskins
Board Member - John Thomas
Board Member - Mark Cleveland

41st Great Pershing Balloon Derby Organizers

Event Coordinator - Richard Techau
Sponsor Relations - Beverly Chiolerio and Paula McCollum
Field Representative/Souvenir Coordinator - Dee White
Pilot Coordinator/Landowner Relations - Sherry Techau
Field Coordinator - Richard Techau
Historian - Marsha Hoskins
East Twin Parks Activities Coordinator - Opal McCracken
Baby Show Coordinator - McClarney Manor
Pilot and Sponsor Packs Coordinator - Sherry Techau and Susan Elson

33rd gpbd organizers 4

1 Kenny Jay

Our Location

Myron Preacher Memorial Launch Site
Just West of Brookfield

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